Director of Photography / Editor

In 2018 I had the opportunity to join the Dirigo II, a 1939 Alden Schooner, for a voyage south along the coast of Baja California. I worked on the Dirigo in the capacity of 1st Mate and Director of Photography for a pilot YouTube series. The series is called Voyaging South, and it tells the story of a ship, her captain, and her crew, as it makes the journey south from Washington State to Baja Calafornia Sur.



Built in 1939, Dirigo II is a 72' gaff-rigged schooner. After 80 years of voyaging, including two global circumnavigations, she was found sinking at the dock by father-daughter team - Captains Arthur & Morgan Lohrey. After being lovingly resurrected and sailed by the duo over the past 10 years, the Dirigo II embarked from Washington State on an adventure to warmer waters. This is the story of a boat, her captain, and crew, as they point south in search of...?